Latest updates: Autopsy at GBI lab for Cedartown woman who died in Monday’s shootout. Investigation continues.  What happened at 411 and the Bypass.

Latest updates: Autopsy at GBI lab for Cedartown woman who died in Monday’s shootout. Investigation continues. What happened at 411 and the Bypass.

A Hometown reader sent this photo described as “just moments before the shooting.” You can see the officers approaching the now-wrecked truck with guns drawn. Please see additional photos below today’s update.


Sunday confrontation before Monday’s shooting: A copy of the Polk County Police Department’s incident reports from the home of Kimberley McCann on Sunday show abusive language, a threat to arrest her on disorderly conduct charges, her complaints of suffering from PTSD after her service in the Air Force and one officer drawing his service weapon after it appeared she had a weapon of her own. Click Polk Report.

Coroner’s preliminary report: Floyd County Coroner Gene Proctor confirms McCann’s body has been sent to the GBI crime lab for an autopsy; that she died from multiple gunshot wounds; and that he pronounced her dead at the scene (411 and the Bypass) at 4:43 p.m. Monday.

The investigation: The four officers involved in returning fire after McCann shot at them are on paid administrative leave, standard practice when there’s been an officer-involved shooting.


Traffic is at a standstill at U.S. 411 and the Bypass Monday afternoon as authorities investigate a shooting that has left one woman dead. Hometown photos.
This is from the scene in front of the Mapco store just past the 411/Bypass/Mathis Road intersection. This is the same spot as the park-and-ride off 411. At least 12 to 15 police vehicles on the scene. Hometown photo
This is a look at traffic snarled in both directions. Eastbound traffic on 411 is being routed through the park-and-ride and Mapco. Westbound traffic may have been shut down since this photo. Hometown photo


A closer look at the Toyota truck pursued by law enforcement from Cave Spring to just beyond the Bypass off U.S. 411. Photo by Matthew McConnell.
You can see the bullet markers applied by crime scene technicians during Monday evening’s investigation into the shooting. Photo by Matthew McConnell.
Another look at the vehicle which lost its right front tire in the chase and resulting accident. Photo by Matthew McConnell.


NARRATIVE (drawn from various police reports throughout the day)

The scanner traffic was wild Monday afternoon with talk of a bizarre, 17-mile chase under way from Cave Spring into the Greater Rome area. Post by post tracked the chase along U.S. 27 — including perhaps a few wrecks — until things got even more serious.

At first, the report of “shots fired” at U.S. 411 and the Bypass was thought to be a separate crime. But as dozens of law enforcement vehicles sped to one of the main arteries of Rome and Floyd County, it was evident this was something different.

A photo from a motorist in the westbound lanes of 411 clearly shows officers approaching the vehicle with guns drawn. Reports say a “pit maneuver” helped bring the truck to a halt.

The chase had ended with gunfire. The GBI says Kimberley R. McCann had fired at the officers and they returned fire. Within minutes, she was dead; three dogs were rescued; the east side of Rome was locked down in traffic for hours; and questions remain why a school speed zone violation had ended with gunfire.

The shootout came a day after McCann reportedly had two confrontations with Polk County Police at her Cedartown home, once on Sunday morning and again midafternoon, according to the Rome News. (We’re checking for the police report this morning).

Monday’s shooting scene itself was something out of the movies. Dozen and dozens of law enforcement vehicles were scattered amid the half block from Mathis Road along U.S. 411 to the eastern edge of the Mapco parking lot. Crime scene tape was everywhere. The markers you see on the CSI shows were placed where bullet casings likely fell. And a park-and-ride lot adjoining the convenience store — and the store’s parking lot — became the eastbound route of U.S. 411 traffic for hours.

Early on, scene investigators knew traffic would be at a crawl for hours as the investigation into an office-involved shooting began. Cases of water were purchased from the Mapco and carried to the now-closed lanes of 411. The red Toyota truck — the object of the chase — was draped in blankets to shield the inside cab where McCann had died. Photos from the scene showed her slumped over in the driver’s seat, leaning into the passenger’s side. The truck’s right front tire was gone; only the silver rim remained.

Arriving officers were using road shoulders and medians for emergency access. Other motorists were stacked up, some nearly as far back as Tractor Supply, trying to get home or to their next appointment. From a distance, it appeared to be a bad accident. But as you crept closer, you noticed the dozens and dozens of blue lights swirling.

What began with a speed zone violation ended with a storm of bullets and no injuries to the officers. other than the fatal wounds sustained by McCann.


Investigation updates from the GBI.

Disposition of the four officers involved in the shooting (i.e.,  paid leave as the investigation continues).

Status of McCann’s body (GBI crime lab; cause of death).

Background information on McCann.

Greg Ramey, special agent in charge of the Calhoun office of the GBI, conducted the media briefing at the law enforcement center in downtown Rome Monday evening.


Kimberley R. McCann, 55, of Cedartown has been identified as the woman who died in a shootout with authorities at the Bypass and U.S. 411 Monday afternoon, according to GBI Special Agent in Charge Greg Ramey.

McCann was the subject of a chase that started in Cave Spring after officers there said she was tracked speeding in a school zone. The chase continued with officers from the Georgia State Patrol, Floyd County Police Department and Floyd County Sheriff’s Office pursued, Ramey says.

Following a collision with pursuing officers, McCann opened fire and four officers returned fire. None of the officers were injured. They are identified as: Officer Leonard Whaley and Officer Chris Shelley of the Floyd County Police Department;, Trooper Jamie Mitchell of the Georgia State Patrol and Deputy Devin Womack of the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office.


On Monday, May 7, 2018, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) was requested by the Floyd County Police Department, the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office, and the Georgia State Patrol to investigate an officer involved shooting that resulted in the death of Kimberley R. McCann, age 55, of Cedartown, Ga.

Preliminary information from authorities indicate that McCann was driving through a school zone in Cave Springs at a high rate of speed.  Cave Springs Police initiated a traffic stop.  McCann did not stop and a chase ensued.  Floyd County Sheriff’s Deputies, Floyd County Police Officers, and Georgia State Patrol Troopers joined the chase.  Subsequently, McCann crashed, striking multiple vehicles.  McCann opened fire at officers.  Four officers returned fire.  McCann died as a result of her injuries.

No officers were injured during this incident. The officers have been identified as Officer Leonard Whaley (Floyd County Police Department), Officer Chris Shelley (Floyd County Police Department), Trooper Jamie Mitchell (Georgia State Patrol), and Deputy Devin Womack (Floyd County Sheriff’s Office).

The GBI will continue its independent investigation.  Once complete it will be turned over to the Floyd County Judicial Circuit for review.

You can watch a Facebook Live video of the media briefing here.


One woman is dead, several people are talking with authorities and three dogs have been rescued in a bizarre case in East Rome Monday afternoon.

At least 12 to 15 police vehicles were on the scene as of 4 p.m. and Tom Ewing, Floyd County’s assistant chief of police, says units will be there for several more hours. He asks that motorists avoid the area throughout the evening until the investigation has ended.

Rush hour traffic is just now starting and your only bet is to avoid the area. Eastbound traffic from Walmart to the Bypass is being funneled through the Mapco store/park-and-ride location at a very slow rate. Westbound traffic from Cartersville into Rome was flowing at 4:30 p.m. but that might be changing.


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