DOT: Today’s opening of new stretch of the West Bypass is a go

DOT: Today’s opening of new stretch of the West Bypass is a go

A very crude map showing where the bypass will end starting Tuesday (Burnett Ferry) and the final stretch to Ga. 20 near Martha's Skillet by late October.
A very crude map showing where the bypass will end starting Tuesday  Thursday (Burnett Ferry) and the final stretch to Ga. 20 near Martha’s Skillet by late October.


Today’s scheduled opening of the next section of the Southwest Bypass is a go. The newest section, from Blacks Bluff Road to Burnett Ferry Road, was to open Tuesday but Georgia DOT crews were unable to stripe the highway because of the recent rain.

DOT spokesman Mohamed Arafa reports: “Traffic on the West Rome Bypass was shifted this morning to the newly constructed lanes.  This is the stretch from the Bypass’s intersection with Blacks Bluff Road to Burnett Ferry Road.”

The final leg of Southwest Bypass — from Burnett Ferry to Ga. 20 near Coosa High School — should be completed by the end of October.


Media release: The Georgia Department of Transportation is advising motorists in Floyd County of a traffic shift on the West Rome Bypass, scheduled for Tuesday. Traffic will be shifted to the newly constructed lanes of the Bypass, beginning at the intersection of the Bypass with Blacks Bluff Road and extending to Burnett Ferry Road. 

“We certainly hope that all motorists watch out for this traffic shift and be extra cautious, while approaching this work zone,” said DeWayne Comer, district engineer at the DOT office in Cartersville. “This project may have caused the public some inconvenience but upon completion, it will improve the flow of traffic in the area, make it safer, and help the public get where they need to go in Floyd County.”

This construction operation is part of a 5.478-mile project of widening and reconstruction of the West Rome Bypass, beginning south of the Coosa River and extending to north of Ga. 20. It also includes the construction of ten bridges and their approaches within the project’s limits. This project has been under construction since November 2011, and is expected to be completed by the end of October, at a construction cost of $42, 618,295.

From Hometown Headlines: The following information comes from Natalie Simms’ story posted by Hometown on July 6:


“The West Rome bypass connects to the existing Southwest Rome bypass that goes from the Blacks Bluff Road at the Coosa River to U.S. 27 South at Booze Mountain Road. That road was completed in 2011 at a cost of over $54 million, according to GDOT.”

What’s yet to occur: Funding for the other side of the bypass that would take the road from U.S. 27 to the northeast, eventually connecting with U.S. 411 at the Loop..

Despite the years of planning, and even some rights-of-way purchases, it’s the two southern sections of the perimeter that don’t yet have the green light to build.

“The final construction plan was completed some time ago. The bridge plans preparation was also completed. However, the acquisition process of right-of-way, originally scheduled for Fiscal Year 2014 was halted due to lack of funding,” says Mohamed Arafa, communications officer with GDOT.

The South Rome bypass would connect U.S. 27 at Booze Mountain Road over to Ga. 101 at Preacher Smith Road. The Southeast Rome bypass would then begin at that intersection to connect Ga. 101 over to the Loop.

“This project (SE bypass) length is 4.6 miles. The proposed roadway is a rural four-lane divided by a 44-foot grassed median with 10-foot-wide outside shoulders of which 6.5 feet will be paved,” he says.

“The plans call for the construction of two bridges within the limits of the project over Callier Springs Road and over U.S. 411/Ga. 20. They also call for a diamond interchange is at US 411/Ga. 20. The project will also include the reconstruction of 5,500 feet (just over a mile) of Ga. 101 from a two-lane rural to a four-lane urban curb and gutter section with a 20-foot raised median, sidewalks and bike lanes.”


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