Adairsville student wins third grade category in Young Georgia Authors writing competition

Adairsville student wins third grade category in Young Georgia Authors writing competition


From a media release: Thirteen Georgia students have been named state-level winners of the 2014-2015 Young Georgia Authors writing competition, an annual competition sponsored by the Georgia Department of Education and the Georgia Council of Teachers of English. GaDOE and GCTE also named grade-level winners in every Regional Education Service Agency (RESA) district.

Callie Viktora, an Adairsville Elementary School student, wrote the winning third grade entry,

 “Why the Beaver Has a Flat Tail.” 

Once a long time ago it rained a lot in one place. All the animals who lived

there had no places to hide under, therefore they were soaking wet all the time. So

one day all the animals had a meeting ,”I’m tired of being wet all the time,” said the

wolf. “Does anyone have an idea of what to do?” “I know,” said the fast ,swift, and

strong crow, “I shall fly up with a rock and stop up the rain clouds.” “Good idea” said

the wolf. Now the storm clouds were huge and when he flew up and he was so fast

that it made the rock get heavier and heavier until finally the crow flew as slow as

any bird has ever flown before and has stayed that way ever since. Now, he had lost

all his strength from that rock and before he reached the first cloud he fell to the

ground and the rock clogged his mouth with dirt so when the animals lifted the rock

off him he cried, “Caw” trying to cough the dirt up. The crow has made that sound

ever since.


Now the animals had another meeting. “Raven’s plan has failed,” said Wolf.

“What will we do now?” “I know” said a voice. “Who’s that?” said wolf. Out of the

back came a spider. Wolf looked at her “How?” he demanded? “I will clog the rain up

with a web of silk. “said the spider. “Good Idea” said Wolf and the plan was set into

action. However when she sent up her webs of silk they all floated down. Wolf

growled in disappointment at her when she came down because he was getting very

angry. As a result the spider ran up and lived in a high in her web to hide from wolf

ever since.


Well, by now Wolf was desperate. “Anyone have an idea now?!” yelled Wolf.

A tiny whisper came out from a corner. “I have one” Beaver stepped out. “What?”

demanded Wolf? “I will chop down trees and build houses to hide under” he said,

“Get started,” said wolf. So beaver gnawed down trees and patted mud in with his

hands(which was quite hard) . He was finishing a house when he realized he needed

one more piece of wood. He went and gnawed and gnawed on a tree until he

thought, “Hmmm…, this one istoo hard. I’ll try another one.” But just when he

turned the tree fell. He ran only to save his body but his tail was smashed flat.

When Wolf saw this he thought beaver might try and smash the other

animals one day so he banned him to the river. Beaver was angry at being banned

and thought of a way to get his revenge. So, he made a house of wood that blocked

Wolf’s river(and this time beaver thought that using his tail would be much easier

than using his hands). Beaver laughed at Wolf for he could do nothing, Beaver had

stayed in the river so Beaver’s house has been like this ever since. Unfortunately,

Beaver’s tail did not puff back up so Beaver’s tail has been flat ever since as well.

The End

The Young Georgia Authors Contest encourages students to develop enthusiasm for and expertise in their writing, provides a context to celebrate writing successes, and recognizes student achievement in arts and academics. The competition has been engaging Georgia students for more than two decades and is open to any student currently enrolled in Georgia’s public schools, grades K-12.

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