Advertising on our websites, emails.

Advertising on our websites, emails.

There are three reasons Hometown Headlines media group has such dominant and continuing advertising partners:

-Trust: We’re Northwest Georgia’s most trusted media.

-Connections: We’re in touch with Northwest Georgia via websites, email, Facebook, Twitter and our new HometownText text alerts .


-Small rectangle ads: 288 pixels wide by 90 pixels deep. $400 a month.

-‘Rectangle’ ads: Size: 288 by up to 144 pixels. Cost: $625 a month.

-Quad ad: 288 pixels by 288 pixels wide and deep. $800 a month

-Added bonus: You can blink or flash your ad up to four times (more if desired but we recommend no more than four) for this price. No add-on fees.


-For $400 a month, you become a page sponsor. Your ad will appear in the banner spot under our logo and it links our readers to your website or Facebook page immediately. You pick the page; we offer one banner per page. New with our redesign: You can “brand” news topics. For example, the banner spot on Dining will appear with every restaurant story we publish.


Every morning, more than 800 people receive our morning headline alerts via email. This is not spam. Every email address we send to has been submitted by someone asking to receive it. More than 90 percent of our emails go to addresses in Northwest Georgia.  The rest flow to Atlanta, Washington, D.C., or to the homes of former residents of our community. They also rely on Hometown Headlines to stay in touch with local news. You can sponsor our email updates for $400 a month.



Please call us for more information on advertising at 706-346-2031Or please e-mail us by clicking




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